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Talent Acquisition Service Options



If you think a fractional Recruiting Partnership might be a good fit for your organization, you may be wondering how that relationship would work in practical terms. Fractional recruiting services are billed by the hour. We track time spent per client for all related activities and bill at the end of the month. Our hourly rates include all advertising, screening, recommending, checking references, coordinating interviews, updating reports, etc. This service works for clients needing a dedicated contract recruiter or for clients with a only a few positions to fill. This model will save your organization thousands of dollars! Another benefit of this model is that trust is earned and long-term relationships are formed, creating a partnership that is a win-win! 



Are you a start up organization or are you going through an explosive growth period in your company? CRS partners with industry leaders to tackle those times when there are more positions to fill than normal. We charge a small monthly retainer plus a per placement fee. In this arrangement, CRS requires a minimum 3-month project commitment. During the duration of the retained project, CRS will handle your full life cycle talent acquisition efforts at the equivalent of one fully dedicated talent acquisition resource. This is typically a win-win scenario for explosive growth periods, start-up recruiting needs, or a company with steady recruitment needs that does not have a dedicated internal recruiting department. 



CRS can be contracted to work on individual searches where no fees are charged during the search. Upon placement of a candidate for a particular role, the client company pays CRS a 20% fee of the candidate’s first year base salary. For non-profit or higher volume clients, CRS will work contingency searches on a flat fee rather than a percentage basis. This is more of a high-risk high reward form of recruiting, but many companies still prefer this type of service. 

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